OMS Independent Branch Agreements

Every new member that signs up with an Independent Branch must also be registered in the OMS database. On a monthly basis each independent branch must email OMS a list of their new members with the new member’s first and last name, and email address. Each branch must direct their members to and inform them that their membership document cannot be sent until they submit the Proclamation Form, each member must also register into OMS database, this is due to the need to make our online educational courses accessible to every member. OMS typically sends out membership documents, in bulk, once per month, depending on when members submit their proclamation form and register, the process may take up to eight weeks or longer before they receive their document from OMS, but your branch may issue them a card or document as well and provide them with immediate sacrament services prior to the arrival of their document.

OMS requests a $50 contribution per new member registration. Independent branches may suggest a donation of any amount for their membership and keep the remainder of the donation. For instance, if you set the suggested donation for memberships at $250, then you will keep $200 of the donation for your branch’s expenses.

Independent Branches may issue their own membership cards or documents to people, but every member must still complete the proclamation form to receive an OMS document.

Branches agree to only serve individuals who are registered as a member with OMS and have submitted their proclamation to you or another branch leader or to OMS. You may ask the member to show you the confirmation email they receive from OMS prior to serving them or you may register them with OMS immediately by sending their name, mailing address, phone number, email, and $50 contribution OMS via Paypal.

Independent branches of OMS cannot authorize independent branches of their branch. However, OMS is receptive to any ideas branch leaders have to further its ability to serve more people and empower more sacrament leaders to step forward and assist.

OMS reserves the right to amend its policies and procedures at any time.

Independent Branches agree to adhere to changes deemed necessary to protect the reputation and longevity of OMS.

The Code of Ethics & Conduct must be honored.

Websites for branches may need to be altered to align with OMS before it can be publicized that your organization is a branch of OMS. In some cases, OMS can create the basic layout and structure for your branch’s website tailored to the sacrament(s), services, and style that your branch offers or advise you on how to do so.  Here is one example of the basic layout and appearance available for your branch:

Branches may use OMS’ logo but only on website pages, social media posts, etc. that have been reviewed and approved by OMS. Using the OMS logo on merchandise is not permitted.

Branches understand that their website and social media accounts will be monitored and judged harshly by those that oppose their work, thus efforts to represent oneself or branch of OMS in a manner which is respectable and not easily judged must be made. OMS will, occasionally, monitor each branches website and social media accounts, and, if changes need to be made, branches agree to make the changes within fourteen days.

Branch leaders as representatives of OMS may not publicize photos of themselves participating in or being around debauchery or the recreational use of substances, for instance drinking or being around alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or ingesting sugar and junk food, and agree to putting effort into improving how they represent themselves to the public online and in their own town where they reside. OMS does not oppose healthy and proper hedonism and debauchery, but it will not promote it. Every word counts, and every photograph matters tremendously as we fight the war on drugs and consciousness. Recognizing the dangers we face and our responsibility to maneuver around them is essential for mission success.

OMS conducts a background check of the CEOs of every independent branch and each CEO agrees that he or she will not appoint Directors to their branch who have been convicted of highly unethical and harmful crimes.

Sacraments may only be provided to members under the supervision of branch leaders during ceremonies.

The Independent Branch authorization does not appoint you as a Minister or Medicine Man of OMS. However, it recognizes you as a Sacrament Minister of your organization and authorizes your organization to operate as an independent branch of OMS. Becoming an OMS Minister is possible for every branch leader, but this requires additional time, practice, and learning certain rituals.

Note:  Contributions for OMS Independent Branches do not include legal counsel in the event of governmental or legal challenges or arrests.  OMS provides the basis of an educational campaign to alert or inform governing bodies of the unique characteristics of the rights and protections of Independent Branches and their participants through an online knowledge-base and references to court precedents.