Who We Are

OMS is a branch of the Native American Church that was founded to provide people with legal access to mystical sacraments that have been forbidden in the Americas for the past 500 years. We realize that our planet and its inhabitants have been, directly or indirectly, experiencing much trauma and oppression at the hands of a system that acts without love, compassion, logic, awareness, and tolerance. The sacraments we offer can help heal this world of that trauma and elevate the human experience to one more suitable for all, and though they are not the only piece to that puzzle, they are indisputably an essential piece.

We are extremely happy and humbled to offer these healing and empowering sacraments and ceremonies to you all in the most legal and ethical way possible.

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OMS Founder


Gavin Kaiser demonstrates at the New Mexico State Capitol that after 500 years of prohibition our sacred sacraments are legal for OMS members to utilize.

Code of Ethics

OMS accepts Indigenous Earth-Based Healing and Empowering Sacraments as central to our established religious belief. These include: Psilocybe Fungi & Acacia – the significant Indigenous Earth-Based Healing Sacraments (Eucharists) for this church as well as any other Indigenous Earth-Based Healing Sacrament (Amanita muscaria, Soma, Syrian Rue, Ayahuasca, DMT, Peyote, Huachuma, Ololiuhqui, Toloatzin, Iboga, Kambo, Haoma, etc.) that has been found to benefit the health and welfare of the recipient, so long as it does not place them in harm’s way.

The names for Spiritual Leaders (Medicine Man/Woman) of Oklevueha Native American Church are known by a variety of sacred callings: Chasta, Clergy, Minister, Acrolyte, Curandera, Doctor, Elder, Mara’akame, Reverend, Roadman, Sacred Prayer Pipe Carrier, Water Pourer and etc. Those who are experienced in American Native Spiritual Empowering and/or Healing practices and who act to facilitate the spiritual practices of others that are honored with these titles. An Oklevueha Native American Church Medicine Person need not claim exclusive or definitive knowledge of his or her practice, since wisdom and competencies are frequently developed over years of observation and experience… read more