Who We Are

OMS is an all-encompassing religious organization that respects, values, and draws upon the ethical religious, mystical, and spiritual arts and wisdom of any and all of Earth’s peoples, developed or practiced at any point throughout mankind’s existence, and has a nationwide network of members successfully exercising their rights to religious freedom and the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, as they pertain to Sacraments.

The Sacraments OMS offers will help advance the human experience to one more suitable for all, and though they are not the only piece to that puzzle, they are indisputably an essential piece.

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OMS Founder


Gavin Kaiser demonstrates at the New Mexico State Capitol that after 500 years of prohibition our sacred sacraments are legal for OMS members to utilize.

Code of Ethics

OMS accepts Earth Indigenous-Based Healing and Empowering Sacraments as central to our established religious belief. These include: Psilocybe Fungi & Acacia – the significant Ancestral Native Earth-Based Spiritual Sacraments (Eucharists) for this church as well as any other Indigenous Earth-Based Healing Sacraments (Amanita muscaria, Soma, Syrian Rue, Ayahuasca, Peyote, Huachuma, Ololiuhqui, Toloatzin, Iboga, Kambo, Haoma, etc.) that have been found to benefit the health and welfare of the recipient.
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