Course Testimonials


Florida OMS Member: Honestly, this is one of the best compilations of knowledge and anecdotes about sacraments that I’ve ever seen. All the information is well-referenced and all the videos are very relevant. I’m amazed to learn that sacraments have played such a tremendous role in the shaping of human history. This course has spurred my interest in researching sacrament use among the ancient Judeo-Christian people. Also, thank you so much for the guidance and direction on the safe way of taking manna. I will certainly use the direction in my spiritual practices.

The knowledge contained about each of the sacraments is so dense and encyclopedic. I plan on going back multiple times to this course and re-reading all the information. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found this site. I truly feel grateful, from the bottom of my heart. I pray that organizations like OMS spread throughout the world.

New York OMS Member: Before I began a serious path with sacraments, I had been studying numerous aspects of the occult, esoteric schools of thought, Shamanism, and the Jewish Kabbalah. The Tree of Life course has been very illuminating, as it helped to expand upon information I had previously read, and pointed to new scholarship I had yet to read. Whether one is an independent scholar, such as myself, or not, I believe if you are going down this road you should have a knowledge of what’s gone before, be familiar with the history, the science, the meaning, and the practice of the sacraments you partake in. Having this foundation can help deepen the experience.

My library is full of work from leading scholars in ethnobotany (plant medicine), such as Ralph Metzner, Dennis and Terence McKenna, Jeremy Narby, Alan Shoemaker, and Chris Kilham to name a few. Most of the books I have read incorporated Myth, History, Science, and ceremonial usage within particular tribes and cultures. The entire OMS Tree of Life Course reads as one of these leading works. As I do with books in my library I will continuously refer back to the lessons of both courses to refresh memory and knowledge on these topics as I do not disagree with anything therein.

OMS Member: The course was amazing to me. The amount of depth and care that the OMS put into this course shows at every level and gave me a much deeper understanding into the use and function of the Tree of Life. I learned that the Acacia tree was considered the Tree of Life in Ancient Egypt (Kemit) but the reference to it being psychoactive was downplayed or completely removed from history. This course brought me to the understanding that these Sacraments were and have always been considered Holy throughout the ages and have most likely been a constant companion to us for as long as we could call ourselves Human. I can see how, throughout evolution, our minds could have been brought up a few notches by the discovery of the power hidden in these Holy plants. We still have a ways to go but organizations like OMS are helping us to find the way.

Indiana OMS Member:  In this course I have gained a wealth of understanding about sacred plants and how to use them properly as guides, to continue to better myself and those I relate with. I think that OMS and its source material is a great prerequisite to anybody’s individual path to understanding and enlightenment. I feel that the work of OMS, as well as other righteous and like minded groups are the crucial building blocks to a healthy and sustainable world.

Utah OMS Member: I am grateful to have these courses available to me to help with instruction and guidance through this process.  The instruction on the proper administration, technique, and other instructions offered in this course are invaluable to ensure our ceremonies are safe and conducted for the intended higher purpose of the plant medicines.

Hawaii OMS Member: I’d like to begin my review of the OMS educational course by just quickly mentioning, that the information provided therein surpassed my expectations by a long mile. The kind people behind the scenes at OMS have clearly taken the time to put together something truly amazing, and far more beneficial to my understanding and personal well being than what I thought would be possible. I began the course provided by OMS thinking that I had left few stones on the subject unturned, and I ended it by realizing once again that there is and always will be, more for me to learn.

For as long as I can remember (or have been asking the big questions of life) I have always been enamoured with the small snippets of stories that have given some insight into the various cultures of the world and how their particular customs and beliefs have come to be. And even more specifically intrigued by those stories that regard the use of certain psychedelic sacraments. For example…at first glance Santa Claus and his flying reindeer are a fun tale to jog the imagination of children; but look a little deeper into that old painting on the mantle and you might just notice the red and white Amanita muscaria hiding in the background. That image of “Fly Agaric” is a direct link to Ol’ Saint Nick’s true roots. Roots that are filled with psychedelic visions and shamanism.

I understood that these little clues were always around, peppered throughout our various traditions and holidays, hinting at something deeper than our typical gifts and fanfare. But until taking the courses provided by OMS, I don’t think I fully understood to what degree all of our lives are shaped by them.

Consider the fact that Christianity is the largest religion on earth, with nearly 2.4 billion followers. Think about how Christianity and its virtues and ideologies pervade nearly every space we as humans inhabit (even those spaces which government has deemed it should not). Now consider the fact that even Christianity has its own set of psychedelic Easter eggs. The largest religion on earth has psychedelic roots woven into its magnificent stories. The very stories that give an astounding 33% of humanity a guiding light and a sense of what we consider our principle values as human beings; turns out a lot of them are driven by stories of psychedelic sacraments! WHO KNEW?! How blind have we all been to have shunned these amazing sacraments. Sacraments that have been virtually handed to us in the written accounts of Jesus Christ. Absolutely mind-blowing…

But of course, the buck doesn’t stop with Christianity. Just as Jesus turned water into manna wine…so did Mohammed help the people of Israel find the healing qualities of the sacred mushroom. The same with Moses in the Hebrew bible. And the same with John, the Evangelist. And on and on…throughout almost all religions in recorded history. They all have a psychedelic sacrament in one form or another. Sacred truffles, in Christianity; Acacia (the DMT containing Tree of Life), in Catholicism; Teonanácatl, for the Aztecs; Peyote, for the Native American Indians; Ayahuasca, for the Native Amazonians; Salvia divinorum, for the Mazatecs; Coca, for the Tayronas in the Andes; and even Papaver somniferum, for some of the ancient Greeks.

The realization that no culture, religion, or mythology is void of psychedelic ties is a staggering one. And it is probably the one that stood out to me the most from the courses provided by OMS. It sheds new light on the world and forces me to see it in a different way. And this was just one of my favorite things, among many others, that I learned throughout the courses.

I also took on a new understanding and appreciation for the importance of ceremony. While I have always had my own set of rituals in mind for specific sacraments, learning the origins and specifics of such ceremonies has added a depth to my practice that would not have been possible otherwise.

All-in-all, I have to say, that there is not much that I disagreed with in the courses. A lot of it is knowledge that resides within most of us already, even though we don’t know it to be so. It contains the beautiful wisdom of our world’s religions; just shown in a different light, so that we may all see it a little bit differently. I am extremely grateful to OMS for having put together such a wonderful body of knowledge and sharing it with me. It will undoubtedly be something that I continue to revisit and share with others for the rest of my days. Thank You.

New York OMS Member: The information provided in this course is very well rounded and focused. When I started this course I felt humbled at taking a bold new step in connecting with the OMS sacraments. Now as I move toward completion of this course, I feel my knowledge base, clarity and understanding of the topics presented, and spiritual connection to the sacraments are greatly refined.  I do not take any issue with the information provided and feel grateful and supported, that I am moving more and more toward a well rounded personal ceremony through the OMS work. The course provided me with a refined view on knowledge I had already, expanded my education considerably, and offered broad insight into topics I had not been aware of. However, the education and knowledge aside, the information concerning ceremonies, legalities, policies, and ethics, further connected me to the OMS community, in that I am not alone and a part of something very meaningful and sacred. 

Arizona OMS Member: Where do I even begin? I may sound excessively generous, but this course was exactly what I have been searching for most of my adult life without ever consciously knowing. Since adulthood, I have been drawn to the use of sacraments as a way to enjoy the pure beauty of the world around me and my own imagination. Growing up in a society that views usage of such things almost worse than heroin addiction, or violent crimes I struggled to justify my continued exploration of sacraments. Perhaps society was right. Perhaps it was time I “grew up” and moved on from this youthful excess. Then, through mere chance, a link to this site showed up on my Facebook page and I was immediately drawn to it. I practically cried with joy as I quickly discovered I had been right in my beliefs all along. Suddenly, here was an entire social complex dedicated entirely to the medicinal and spiritual application of sacraments!

I loved the videos, learning quite quickly how instrumental these ceremonies would be to helping humanity heal from centuries, millennia even, of spiritual disease of the soul. This gave me a renewed sense of purpose, especially after reading the book “Food of the Gods” and I avidly worked my way through the courses as fast I could. The information compiled here was more than I ever dreamed of finding through hunt and peck searches on the internet. It fills my heart with joy even as we speak.

Ohio OMS Member: I have read many articles and watched many videos dealing with the subject of DMT, but never before have I read such a cohesive, and comprehensive dissertation on it’s spiritual origins/symbology in accordance with its biological function. It was fascinating to gain this knowledge, and contrast to its popular, modern use, and best-understood, human biological role. The cultural, and ceremonial use of ayahuasca in certain tribes within the Amazon is by far the most popular, and modern use of DMT in the modern world. It was important for me to read that in these tribes it is a right of passage, from childhood to adulthood; that after its use, the individual is considered capable to integrate into and be a productive member of that society.

The course content serves as a reverent reminder of how important it is to implement its use, revered when one partakes, and come to an understanding of oneself in relation to one another, and that when the lessons DMT gives the individual are implemented, it leads to the longevity of himself, and reminds us of the immortality of one’s soul.

Maine OMS Member: This course is amazing. I’ve researched sacred sacraments my entire adult life and have never found such a beautiful tool. I thought I knew a lot already about these plants but this course has taught me so much more. I learned where these sacraments began to be used, I’ve learned how different cultures use them, and how I myself can use their practices to formulate my own type of ceremony. Without knowing their true history it is hard to see how truly powerful they are in the big scheme of humanity. I have no disagreements with the way this course was taught. I only wish there were constant updates to the content so that I could continue learning more and more! 

California OMS Member: I am very grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to the content in this course. My appreciation of the subtleties of the Holy Manna has risen to a whole new level. I was especially moved by all of the examples of mushrooms in early Christian symbolism, and inspired by R. Griffith’s quantification of the mystical experience.

I fully embody the commitment to using holy sacraments in the most wholesome and responsible ways possible in order to maximize their effect on individual and global transformation and promote reform. I appreciate and understand the importance of approaching their use with reverence and respect, especially in this era of insanity and prohibition we are still collectively moving through. At the same time, I also believe that these are god’s gifts to us, and intended to be enjoyed freely and abundantly, just like all of her gifts, and look forward to a day when people can both experiment and worship more freely, without fear of persecution or prosecution, and when the distinctions between worship, celebration, and just plain living life are not so clearly demarcated.

Minnesota OMS Member: I can’t thank you enough for taking this mission upon yourself to see to it that we have an avenue through which we can live freely and promote Oneness and Spiritual Growth. I look forward to being of service to the congregation and Humanity as a whole. This course has provided some serious insight for me in regard to all of the species of plants that contain DMT and how they are in such abundance in various parts of the world. Although it will take some time to be able to identify each plant without reference to the course, my thirst for knowledge and wisdom compels me to stay the course and refer to these lessons often.

This course has inspired me to look further into Native American Medicine Work and the ways of the Shaman as this way of life has always had a beckoning call to me as long as I can remember. The timing of my joining this organization at this point in my life is critical and you have helped me more than you can possibly know. I believe DMT deserves its place in history as one of the keys to Infinity and I believe that with enough people we could lift the consciousness of Humanity and curtail self destruction.

Colorado OMS Member: I found this course to be extremely interesting, I was vaguely familiar with the Egyptian use of DMT containing plants, but did not fully appreciate how permeating this substance has been throughout the history of our species. I found it refreshing that this course viewed the Egyptians as the spiritual alchemists that they were, how through the use of ceremony, architecture, and the consumption of sacraments that they were able to move towards a more conscious society. I cannot help but ponder where we would collectively be had these sacraments been shared with all, not just the spiritual sects and religious leaders of the era.

Overall I found this course to be thought provoking and very informative, I rather enjoyed being able to read about the historical use of this compound throughout history by numerous spiritual groups. I also enjoyed being exposed to how many differing plant and animal species have large concentrations of DMT in their organism, makes me wonder what role it plays in the plant itself? I found the ceremonial methods to be the most valuable part of the course, as it teaches the enormous value of set and setting in regards to fostering a safe and hopefully a journey into the field of divine love and light that is our birthright.

Great course, condensed what took me years of research into a well organized and concise course.

New Jersey OMS Member: I learned several important healing and spiritual applications of holy manna through this course and discovered its hidden past buried within religions across the world. It was like stumbling upon a hidden treasure trove of knowledge. I agreed with the questions and the format in which the courses were laid out. Overall, I loved everything about this course and the Tree of Life course and I look forward to providing support to help you keep travelling down this beautiful path which you all have chosen to pursue.

Texas OMS Member: I have learned much about the Holy Manna and sacraments in this course. I believe that reform is very much needed in this country and this world. These sacraments can help people in many ways that they truly do not understand. They can help drug addicts over come their addiction and view the world as it truly is, in all its beauty and glory. They have helped mankind for centuries see the true reality and find peace in themselves and their minds. I wish to teach people what I have learned and help them get back on the right path to clarity and happiness. This world would be a far better place if everyone knew how the world really is and what it could be like without all this hate, war, and insecurity. This course has inspired me to dedicate my life to helping those in need and opening the eyes of people who do not understand the power of these sacraments. 

Colorado OMS Member: Going through this course, I really enjoyed gaining a deeper understanding of DMT and its history of use in a sacred manner in different cultures and how it helped shape many minds and traditions throughout time. I agree with all of the information I read throughout this course and feel like I have an even deeper respect and understanding of the molecule now, and I hope to continue to learn and grow from the use of this sacrament. 

Illinois OMS Member: I have learned so much! I was very perplexed about what DMT really was, from its origin to its effects. This course answered all of those questions and left me with a few more, and I feel with the knowledge that was provided I am much more comfortable participating in this sacrament. I was not aware that so many plants in so many countries actually contain this naturally occurring sacrament. It is an obvious statement from our creator that it is knowledge that we need to possess. I am grateful for the Creator’s forethought and desire to be connected to me through the sacrament. 

Colorado OMS Member: I was truly grateful to be able to experience this course and to learn as much as I did. I have done my own research but nothing could ever prepare me for determining proper dosages or deeply understanding this teacher as this course did. There’s nothing that I would add to the material, it was very thorough very clear and very easy to understand. It allows a spectrum of different learning abilities to be able to understand the material. Spiritually this was a huge key for me for understanding, direction, and expansion. Thank you so much for all the lessons that you taught me through this course, thank you for making this course ,and thank you for fighting for the right to be able to spiritually practice with the sacraments which is so crucial to my Spiritual Development. My deepest deepest gratitude.

Vermont OMS Member: Prior to this course, I’d been introduced to the effects of psilocybin in a spiritual setting, and I’d come to appreciate how the mycelium, often unseen, is always at work making connections between various life forms. This course went beyond direct experience and gave me a much greater knowledge base in terms of the actual science involved – the plant’s chemistry and how it works with the human physiology. It offered me both a greater understanding of the relationship between humans and psilocybin, and also where I want to continue to further expand my knowledge so that I can feel more comfortable incorporating the use of these plants into my spiritual practices. I also appreciated the historical and cross-cultural information – I’m always interested in the constants between differing peoples and religion, feeling like those constants are where the most profound “truths” lie.

I didn’t find anything to disagree with just great information, interestingly compiled. Although it’s a stretch for me to believe that laboratory produced psilocybin could possibly contain the same energetic and inherent properties found in a plant, I’m glad to know experts feel it’s possible so I will remain open and definitely want to explore that concept a bit more! I found other’s comments on the various lessons interesting and insightful, so glad that it was structured that way. Overall, the effect of this course for me was one of empowerment through knowledge. I feel that’s the most important thing to offer an individual – strengthening their connection to their own unique inner wisdom.

Colorado OMS Member: This course was truly in depth and easy to understand. I discovered amazing things and it even inspired me to watch a documentary about mushrooms! What an amazing organism! I learned about the safety and setting for this sacrament, easy to understand dosages, and respect for this teacher. I couldn’t add more to this course because I believe it more than serves its purpose. I am truly grateful for you developing this learning material and requiring an understanding of the sacraments. It is such a crucial tool for introspective journeys. 

New Mexico OMS Member: The first course introducing the proliferation of mushroom symbology throughout ancient arts, spanning cultures and religions was a mind opener. The information presented here… I will honestly be speechless about for a while, my mind has kicked into overdrive making lots of connections and sooo many more questions and ideas appear.  I certainly have some questions for God now. 

Louisiana OMS Member: While I was relatively well educated on the history of the Psilocybe mushroom, my knowledge of DMT + MAOI containing plants is in it’s infancy. I had no idea these sacraments were available in so many places across the world, nor its historical significance to so many religious traditions. The connection between Egyptian use and Amazonian use through the presence of a “mother spirit” is particularly fascinating. I knew of DMT found in certain frogs and have always been fascinated by that idea, but to read how widespread the compound is found across nature and our own bodies is immensely interesting. I am humbled by learning all that I did not know and excited to learn more. 

California OMS Member: I really appreciated learning about the history and ceremonial use of DMT. How the location and setting in nature, or at home is very important. I appreciated the dosage information which will be very helpful, and the information about having a Guardian and Group Ceremonies I found very important. I also found the videos that accompanied very helpful. Thank you for this course and opportunity. 

Virginia OMS Member:  I was very surprised to learn just how prevalent DMT is throughout nature. I didn’t know it is located within the Acacia tree or that several mythical figures such as Isis and Osiris were said to reside within it. What truly helped most was all the information regarding the process, how to complete the ceremonies and what to expect, as with something so profound as this, it could be very difficult to discover the “proper” way to complete the ceremony on your own, thus limiting your potential experience. The extensive list of acacia species was very helpful and how to grow several of them was even more helpful. It truly felt as though I was being encouraged to participate in this practice through knowledge and understanding.

The fact that DMT is also produced within the human body is rather fascinating. I do not have any disagreements with this course at this time. I do not know how you could have been more comprehensive other than perhaps providing where the acacia species were located but that may take a lot of time and effort to complete.

Thanks again for all that you do. It is truly very helpful to have this much information available to those of us that feel the call to participate in sacrament ceremonies.

Arizona OMS Member: I found the course very interesting and informative, the links between ancient religious texts and DMT were extremely thought provoking. The presence of DMT in so many and wide ranging living things, trees, plants and even our own bodies really suggests that this natural chemical substance is a key to unlocking primordial connections between all organisms and dimensions not normally visible to us. I have learned greatly from these lessons and look forward to continuing on this spiritual path and the insight and wisdom I may receive.

New Mexico OMS Member:  I’m still amazed at how completely changed my understanding of psychedelics (sacraments) is since I’ve become a church member.  I was ill informed as a youth and thought these powerful sacraments were just a way to expand your mind and get high.  I now realize how much more of a medicinal use our sacraments have for people physically, mentally, and spiritually and I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow through the church.  I really haven’t had any disagreements which is rare for me… I almost always end up finding some kind of ulterior motive or point of contention that quickly comes to mind. I think what the church is providing is a much needed source of elevated thinking that is divorced from propaganda and misinformation.  As I finish this course work I’m excited to get more involved in the church and hope to be able to benefit the church in whatever way I can.

Kentucky OMS Member: This course was amazing. It was more informing than my entire life of learning and I am forever grateful. Thank you OMS for this wake up call. This course was something that helped me find clarity and healing for the trauma I’ve been through.  

California OMS Member: This course helped fill gaps in my current understandings and is a fantastic and educational contextualization of the material. There was nothing I disagreed with and much that resonated with me. I believe sincerely working with these sacraments can reduce suffering and teach profoundly about mysteries of existence and identity.

Wyoming OMS Member: I have actually learned a lot in this course. Besides the different types of fungus that contain the psychedelic components found in nature and the chemistry behind it, etc., I really enjoyed the history of its ceremonial use throughout history. Due to the scientific nature of most of the modules there wasn’t much I could disagree with, not that I really would. I am a huge advocate of psilocybin use for a multitude of things, medical and spiritual. I also loved the inclusion of the videos peppered throughout the modules. This made them much more enjoyable and the information more accessible. Another important element was the importance of set and setting and the various duties and roles of the Guardian watching over someone who is partaking in a ceremony and is applicable in virtually any type of ritual or ceremony being conducted. I enjoyed this class very much and will most likely come back for a refresher later on. Thank you.

Colorado OMS Member: I thoroughly enjoyed this coursework and further education on the manna. I especially enjoyed reading about the context of this sacrament and it’s place in different religions over time. I agreed with all of the information I read and really enjoyed the videos hearing different peoples experiences and how much they related to my own. It’s wonderful knowing how many different world religions used and still use this sacrament to better themselves and get closer to God, as I’ve found the manna particularly useful medicine in those regards.

California OMS Member: I’m very grateful to have access to this wonderful course! So many thoughts, so many people! I feel that I’m not alone on my spiritual journey! I got to know the sacraments even better after reading the information provided in the course and watching the videos. I used to read a lot about sacred plants especially before trying the new ones. But this course has a lot more information. I liked the historical part of using sacraments. It is so interesting that long ago people knew a lot more about sacred plants then us nowadays. The use of sacraments was crystal clear to them that’s why I think the educational reform should be the main reform associated with sacred plants. When we learn more about them, their history, their biological structure, and their religious meaning we open up to them more and we know what to expect and how to treat them when we encounter them. I think that I am super lucky to be a part of OMS and I’m letting sacraments in my life.

Utah OMS Member: It feels good to have a community space who can appreciate what I’ve known for a long time and talk about these things. I enjoyed learning about how many cultures and history of the use of divine sacraments and it felt good to see validation in many of my perspectives and beliefs. It fascinates me that much of what is taught in these courses and I can see how I was meant to come to know of this church right when I did. I feel guided and this a great resource in my studies and discoveries.

Ohio OMS Member: I was extremely pleased with this course. I found it very comprehensive and addressed sacred plants from many different angles. I appreciated the varying information from quotes of ancient religious texts, chemistry, and medical research. After years of apprenticing Sacred Plants I learned a great deal from aspects I did not know such as the modern medical discoveries, in depth documentation in ancient religious texts and abundant depiction in Christianity. I found the neurogenesis amazing. I was well aware its abilities to treat depression, anxiety and addiction, but the fact that it can grow new neurons is incredible. I enjoyed the videos and firsthand accounts. I felt that they were a great addition to the class.

The suppression of Sacred Plants is an egregious violation of religious freedom. The Sacred Plants are one of the original religious experiences and are the natural birthright of all living beings. They grow freely in nature because they were intended to be freely used by all. After hearing the information presented in this course, mainly the medical research, I realize what a horrific crime against humanity is being commited by withholding these vital medicines. In my Ministry I spread a message of Love and healing; teaching others about the Higher Dimensions, energy, healthy living, healthy diet, herbal and alternative medicines. I have openly shared information on the benefits of Sacred Plants and that no one has the right to ban them because we have freedom of religion. I hope to raise an awareness that will remove all persecution of Sacred Plants and their use. After hearing the amazing medical benefits I will renew my efforts to spread the word and share the new information I have been gifted.

Louisiana OMS Member: I learned a lot about the history potential of Manna in this course. Sacraments have so much potential therapeutic value, it’s really heartbreaking that any natural plant would be so aggressively outlawed by our system and its unconstitutional controlled substances act. Thanks OMS

Illinois OMS Member: I am grateful for coming across OMS as I alway had a feeling there was more to using psilocybin mushrooms than just recreational use. Combining my own experiences and the information learned here, it increases my interest to explore how using manna in my life would help provide a better life going forward. I am grateful for the information provided and don’t have anything that I disagree with. I’m glad the coursework is required for membership so people are not consuming manna in a way that would be overwhelming or potentially harmful to them if they weren’t fully aware of what they were about to consume.

New Jersey OMS Member: This course has further ingrained into my Soul the thought that these Sacraments are indeed Holy and one of the most powerful ways to have direct communion with The Creator. I have always had a Spiritual bent in my life but it wasn’t until I had a mid-life crisis in my 50th year that I really found myself on the Path, and I believe finding OMS was no accident, as I believe it will assist me to find my way back to the Source and well-being. The courses were also quite practical and offered a huge swath of knowledge which I found very interesting and enlightening such as the chemical information and how psilocybin and psilocin worked in your system. The practical knowledge joined with the ceremonial and Spiritual knowledge makes for a well rounded and profound basis to begin your practice with the Sacraments.

Texas OMS Member: I’ve learned from this course that I’m not alone and that my right to worship as I see fit is not determined by my race. I’ve learned that I can stand on my own two feet and those who seek to control with dogma are the enemies of freedom. I was fascinated by the historical information in this course and inspired by the purity of the philosophy. I have found a group which not only supports me in my spiritual endeavors, but will actually provide me with sacraments for spiritual use. This is a gift beyond measure.

Florida OMS Member: I’m really excited to travel this journey of spiritual enlightment. I’ve learned that self discovery has been the path of the chosen since the beginning. I’ve always been intriqued by the idea of purifying the lower self into our highest form through spiritual alchemy. I have been balancing my studies between scriptures and sacraments that I use to execute my divine purpose which is to be my brothers keeper.

Arizona OMS Member: During my younger years, I was interested in altered states of consciousness purely for the recreational and social value. That no longer interests me much. I am now very interested in how psychedelics and entheogens can advance my personal, emotional, psychological, neurological and spiritual growth. This course has been an excellent primer that has encouraged me to read and explore further.

I absolutely agree with your premise that there is not one way to journey down this path. Our relationship to the sacraments should be personal and flexible. We should be open to the unknown element these medicines can bring to our lives. As such, I am ready to begin my process. I very much appreciate the time you have taken to create this excellent course AND to require it’s completion before moving on to obtaining and using the sacraments in ceremony.

New York OMS Member: This course not only taught me about manna and the spirituality connection, it taught me to be a steward to others. I still have much to learn. By reading the forum posts, I learned what great people are here in this community, and you can see the desire for a better life for all humanity.

California OMS Member: This course is really well put together. It educated me on the history, types, and use of these sacraments. I have been using them, spiritually, for a while now. I have also been taking classes, like World religions, and archeology of religions, and this course was a nice capstone to those. It helped me make the link to the biblical references, as well as other spiritual texts like the Vedas. This course is great for people who have no knowledge of theses sacraments. These sacraments are not recreational, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I love being armed with knowledge. Thank you for the positive intent and effort put into this course, as well as the mission of OMS. I am so inline with this belief. I feel it is my mission to work with these sacraments as they guide me in this path.

Louisiana OMS Member: I learned that Psilocybin mushrooms have a long history of use by humanity in both the New World and the Old World. From Africa to the Aztecs we have been guided by the wisdom of the mushroom. Metaphor, symbolism, and imagery point to the mushroom’ s role in the inspiration of many religious traditions. It seems the psilocin trance puts one in connection with a mysterious mind that spans galaxies and ties all of life together.

Colorado OMS Member: I found this course to be extremely valuable in expanding my knowledge of the deep historical roots that Manna has had throughout the religions of the world, the discussion of how Manna has been depicted in art and stone carvings dating back nearly 3000 years to be rather fascinating. What fascinated me the most is the chemical similarity between serotonin, psilocybin, and psilocin, how our body naturally processes these compounds with ease and minuscule physiological harm. Got me thinking, is it possible for highly advanced mediators to promote the endogenous production of psilocybin?

The videos were a wonderful addition to the course, and one told how through the use of this compound, people can change their lives, sometimes in a singe experience. This in combination with research that 33% of participants regard a Manna experience as being one of the top 3 most significant experiences in their lives. To say this is astounding would be a colossal understatement.

In the ceremonial methods section, I rather enjoyed the discription of ceremony, how anything we do can be a ceremony, I feel that people really need to embrace this idea; as every single moment is an opportunity to commune with the divine. The discussion of how to set a ceremony is absolutely pivotal, as this can be the determining factor on how beneficial the experience will be for the participant. I found the food ceremony to be a wonderful idea, as too many people are not fully aware of what they are putting into their bodies, and through this practice they have the opportunity to cultivate a better relationship between food and energy, especially when it is raw prana filled fruits and veggies. Overall, I loved this course, was jam packed with valuable information and wonderful thought provoking lectures.
Thank you for making this.

OMS Member: It seems to me a magnificent course, and containing all the information necessary to become aware of and make good use of the sacraments. It has helped me to update my knowledge about entheogens, to discover some new and surprising ones and to take into account a new holistic and spiritual vision that resonates to me very much. I am very happy to have the opportunity to belong to this great spiritual and eternal family. Thank you so much for such an exquisite and conscientious work.

Florida OMS Member: I have read and watched the videos in this course, and while I have partaken of psilocybin mushrooms, recreationally, I never appreciated how Holy the molecules in these sacraments are, until now. I look forward to better understanding the universe and my place in it.

California OMS Member: I have learned so very much from this course. I especially the biblical references. This really resonated as truth with me. I do not have any disagreements. After taking this course, I feel more confident and excited to integrate Sacraments into my religious practice!

Illinois OMS Member: While I had a decent amount of knowledge prior to this course, I was still amazed at what I learned. The specifics that I was exposed to about different types of sacramental psilocybin mushrooms. As well, I was amazed at the symbolizim used in religions paying homage to the Holy Mana! I am very eager to continue my research and my spiritual journey. Thank you for making all this information available.

California OMS Member: I’ve learned the historical and anthropological use of these sacraments and how far back they go. I’ve learned the different states of consciousness each of these sacraments fosters. It deepened my understanding of the natural world and the Gaian cosmology of earths living library which brings these sacraments to fruition for the catalyzing of consciousness and our species so that we may be stewards of this beautiful planet and protect the sacred. So many wonderful insights from people who have thought deeply about these sacraments and humanities relationship to them.

Pennsylvania OMS Member: In this course I learned about the diverse and fascinating cultural and religious history and use of the sacred mushroom. One thing I found especially interesting was how much imagery in major religions has representation of the mushroom.  Something else that really stuck out to me is how it spoke about the practice of ceremonies on gradient. To me, this is such an important value to have in these sacred ceremonies. Like anything, the experiences offered by plant medicines take practice. Just as a person cannot bench press 500 pounds their first day at the gym, a person should not attempt large doses of manna their first time.

The lesson on the pharmacology and physiology of the mushroom was done in a very concise way that made important and often confusing technical information more easily understood. I believe that it’s important to have a balance between understanding (as best as possible) of how the spirit of medicine plants function as well as viewing and learning about them in a scientific/chemical way.

As I read through the course, I formed a much larger appreciation for the values and ethics held closely by the people at OMS. Reading each section helped me understand clearly that being a part of this wonderful community of like-minded people will give me a valuable sense of fulfillment in life. To be able to have people to reach out to and learn from is important to me, as the use of these sacraments in modern society is such a challenging topic to discuss with most people.

Since I’m Jewish, the sections about Moses and Manna were especially intriguing. I have read about the possibility of Manna being sacred mushrooms or truffles in the past. It seems that all throughout the Bible and other religious texts that sacred plants show up, if even in seemingly subtle ways. I have wondered for a while now why these subjects aren’t addressed in modern practice/talks. It seems quite clear that there is something very deep and sacred going on in many religious stories that are overlooked but could add much value and understanding for many people as to what might have been really going on in the stories that are sacred to them.

California OMS Member: I learned about the historical context of possible influence of psilocybin mushrooms on Christianity and Islam, historical context of Teonanacatl in Aztec culture, and Soma being Amanita Muscaria used in Proto-Indo-Iranian cultures, Maria Sabina in Mexico, 4 phosphorylated indoles, and more.  I am inspired to use Manna in a sacred way to keep myself aligned with the Great Spirit.

Wyoming OMS Member: Honestly at the beginning of this course I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about Acacia or DMT, only the general research I’ve done on my own. It was really suprising to see how many plants and trees there are that contain the main psychoactive chemical in them. I definitely agree that obe and near-death experiences are linked to the DMT chemical in the brain, along with some other well known mystical experiences, especially those that are written about in the bible. I feel if this theory were accepted by the majority of people that it would cause a lot of chaos. I also really enjoyed learning about the symbolisms and myths connected to the Acacia, this is the first place I have heard this posited and I have done quite a bit of research with this organization as well as other secret societies, very interesting! As with the other course I loved the videos that were added to each module, although I found these pertaining to the DMT experience a bit more interesting as the events that take place to a person, as they are described, are a bit more fantastical and surreal. Awesome class and very well put together.

Colorado OMS Member: To be honest there was not much that I found disagreeable. I agreed with almost everything in the lectures on DMT, as I have experienced similar things referred to. I also think the ceremonial methods are on target with how it should be used. One of my favorite quotes would be when it says that sacraments help us go to church and commune with the divine essence. I also strongly that DMT is best utilized in a space with the least amount of sensory stimuli. And finally, the one thing from the course that sticks with me and makes me think the most is, “one must discern what visions or prophesies should be told and which should not.”

Virginia OMS Member: This course has really opened my mind to the possibilities and background of sacraments. This part of the course stood out to me: The human species suffers from a deficiency in morality, love, and wisdom. As MLK Jr. said, ” Our scientific technology has outrun our moral technology and has produced guided missiles, yet misguided men.” When we look at some of the major problems this world still faces today such as: racism, terrorism, sexism, hatred, intolerance, cancer, deadly viruses, wars, poverty, starvation, addictions, obesity, diabetes, autism, etc. then it is obvious that even with all of our amazing technological advances that we have without a doubt left something vital piece to the puzzle of human happiness far, far behind. In order to go forward, we must go back and rediscover the precious values that we left behind. Thank you OMS. You provide a wonderful service for members.

New Jersey OMS Member: I was unaware of the Tree of Life and Christ were taught as one and the same, this makes sense to me. The influence this substance and other pyschedelic/sacramental plants have had on propelling human kind’s development can not be understated. As noted in this course it’s amazing how it is kept out of main stream history books. Particularly interesting, as these divine teachers were the center of many civilizations. I found nothing I did not agree with in this course. Very informative and interesting.

OMS Member: I believe that acacia can definitely help awaken the people, heal the sick, & make everyone one better. I believe that it is an important sacrament that can cause many positive changes & help heal societies collective traumas.

Indiana OMS Member: The Tree of Life course was a very enjoyable course to take and learn from. I enjoyed reading on the different plant sources of DMT and believe it is important for us to look into a variety of sources of it in order to conserve the Acacia and Mimosa trees that are left on earth. In my opinion, I think phalaris grass, chacruna and chaliponga should be given more attention as these can be grown at home, allowing one to more deeply connect with their Sacraments, providing a more meaningful experience. Listening to videos detailing experiences with DMT is quite fascinating and I can feel a sense of familiarity as my experiences with DMT have been similar to some of the experiences he discusses. Thank you OMS for your services and many blessings.

New York OMS Member: The introduction to the Tree of Life Course states: “DMT containing plants such as Acacia deserve a place on mankind’s tool belt for solving global, domestic, and personal issues. It provides an instant immersion into the potential that one’s God-given perceptive abilities, allows one to see their full potential as physical and spiritual being, and allows a much a greater understanding of the inner-workings of this world and oneself.”

When I’ve worked in ceremony with sacraments, I have received numerous lessons on healing myself through energy work which has allowed me to go deeper with my natural plant-based healing. I completely agree that DMT does deserve a place upon humanity’s tool belt as my own experiences and learned lessons are quite similar to many others I have met. Our culture has lost touch the essential connecting component the linking us all as a people, and as a planet. I’ve also come to the conclusion that most of our representatives, especially those in the current administration,  would benefit from exposure to plant sacraments. It might allow them to fully perceive and allow for “a much a greater understanding of the inner-workings of this world and themselves.”

Kentucky OMS Member: I have learned many things. The most important thing I feel I have learned is that it is MY GOD GIVEN right to pursue consciousness and no one elses (i.e. government). Taking back my soul so to speak. I have learned that I can make a difference in this world by spreading peace and love. Yes, I actually believe that these medicines have dramatically helped show me the way. After experiencing true church in a meditative state, I have realized that that is the only way to truly experience them. They are meaningful to me and they are a part of my life and always will be.

Texas OMS Member: I’ve learned more in this course through your organization and this membership, than through any other avenue of information in regards to the Sacrament. I agree with everything and disagree with nothing and all of the information provided was relevant.

California OMS Member: I really loved this course! I’ve been doing my own research on psychoactive plants since 2012! There is a lot of interesting information in the course. There is a book I love that is called “DMT The Spirit Molecule” by Rick Strassman. With that book and then a movie I started my spiritual journey into the world of sacraments. And now 5 years later I got this chance to become a part of OMS and I’m really excited about that! Thank you so much for such a beautiful opportunity.

Colorado OMS Member: Going through this course, I really enjoyed gaining a deeper understanding of DMT and its history of sacred use in different cultures, and how it helped shape many minds and traditions throughout time. I also agree with all of the information I read throughout this course, and feel like I now have an even deeper respect and understanding of the molecule, and I hope to continue to learn and grow from the use of this sacrament.

Indiana OMS Member: This course’s insights into Pharmacology and DMT are a great resource to one’s search for the truth of things. A lot of practical understanding can be gleaned from this course and its sources. I have learned about DMT and its fellow monoamines in a way that I can now, more appropriately, convey to the people. With these tools and OMS at my back I feel evermore confident in this field of study. I will continue to plant seeds and educate those willing to listen about these subjects as well as the various realms of study that protrude from them.

North Carolina OMS Member: DMT is indeed a Divine Molecule. It’s seems to me that there is so much more than what the official information sources are letting the people know. It seems that now that this information is being brought out, humanity might get a second chance at liberation from tyrannical rulership. DMT is part of nature, it’s found all over the globe, and in plants and animals alike. It is not addictive. It seems that is actually a portal to a different reality, or perhaps, a portal TO REALITY. It must be revered, as Holy, as it provides a gateway to the infinite love of the Creator, and must be respected as such.

Rhode Island OMS Member: What I have learned from the Tree of Life Course offered by OMC: As a student of Shamanism and Traditions of the Native Americas, this course has been invaluable to my knowledge base of plant materials and the many different Plant Lives that hold the Spirit Molecule (DMT). The course is like an encyclopedia of Sacred Plant Lives with pictures, descriptions, and identifiers becoming an invaluable resource for the student of Plant Medicine. I am honored for the opportunity to receive this knowledge so lovingly prepared at such an in-depth level. This IS the stuff our ancestors used to teach. For so long has this knowledge been buried by those who wish to keep us from connecting to source and perpetuating the illusion of separateness. May this knowledge be given to those who wish to receive and be utilized by those who wish to Remember the opportunity to live as a Human Being, fully integrated, fully evolved, fully expressing Love.

Georgia OMS Member: By asserting our rights to expand our consciousness and to stay connected with Mother Earth we are keeping ourselves free. These OMS courses lay out gently and carefully what we as citizens need to stand up for and the inherently human rights that connect us all. We must be humble, attentive and vigilant in maintaining our connection with our Mother and with each other. To be made aware of all of this through these courses is a wonderful blessing. I am grateful.

Pennsylvania OMS Member: In the Tree of Life course I learned about the Sacramental DMT molecule. These days, knowledge of DMT is becoming more known throughout, and it’s intriguing to consider that such a controversial molecule is naturally found in many plants and in our own bodies. The Tree of Life in Christianity is representative of the immaculate state of humanity without corruption and Original Sin. The Tree also shows up in the Book of Revelation as being part of the garden of paradise.

An Israeli scholar, Benny Shanon, says that Moses was under the influence of DMT and is well known for the “Biblical entheogen hypothesis”. He says that the founder of the Jewish religion was under the influence of DMT during several important events that led to the creation of the Jewish religion. This hypothesis appears to have some truth to it as both the Acacia tree and bush Peganum harmala are native to the Sinai peninsula and Southern Israel.

I think for most people it’s hard to accept that this may be what was going on in the bible stories. Since we’re conditioned to be afraid of these substances, it becomes impossible for most to imagine that they may have had a pivotal role in creating many modern religions. People tend to want some sort of concrete evidence, and this might be it.

In Ancient Egypt, spirituality played a large role in their lives. In their hieroglyphs, there are referencest o the Tree of Life, a tree that grows along the Nile River. There is evidence that what is becoming public knowledge today has been known for thousands of years even outside the Amazonian tribes. There are many different types of Acacia species and DMT-containing plants all over the world which shows just how natural DMT is. These plants are used for both Entheogenic and medicinal purposes. While not much is known about what’s going on in the DMT realm, the cultivation of and scientific information about the plant is easily researched.

Many people report seeing and meeting with entities during their experience. These entities always seem to want to show you how to operate in their dimension and heal yourself. When embarking on a DMT experience, it is important to perform a ceremony. It is important that each person becomes their own Minister and engaging in the learning process.

In conclusion, I think it’s important that each person is allowed to practice their human right to do to their own body as they see fit. The practice of consuming DMT in its various forms has been practiced for thousands of years correctly, and that tradition needs to continue and to be spread out through the world. In today’s time where DMT can be accessible to anyone, it seems only natural to allow people to make their own decision and be informed about this fascinating experience.

California OMS Member: I learned how the plants and fungi of this planet support the community of life and lend a hand to our species in growing and healing. It helped me remember the brilliance of so many great minds. The deep historical and anthropological use of these sacraments. How they were an integral part of our ancestors communion with the sacred. It gave me such a deeper appreciation for the intelligence and beauty of the this planet and the cosmos. I agree with these teachings and remembering with all of my heart. I really enjoyed learning more about Chacruna and the different species of Amazonian DMT containing plants and their historical use. I gained deeper insight into ceremony and the context of these sacraments in ceremony.

California OMS Member: I have learned so much from this course! It has been amazing, I took my time and digested it slowly. I have studied DMT for years now. I, now, have new knowledge now and feel I will better be able to integrate it into my religious practice!  I am so grateful that this church and these courses have crossed my path at this stage in my life!

Florida OMS Member: I have studied this course and watched the videos, and I am truly fascinated and so glad I found OMS.

Arizona OMS Member: I have learned that DMT, the spirit molecule, is present in so many plants and animal life. I have learned it is called the spirit molecule for its ability to connect you with source energy and the divine. I have forged relationships with DMT through long hours of extractions and worthy sessions. I agree that DMT also offers “intelligence” and can heal your ailments or enlighten you to the cause for remediation. I will use care when taking this sacrament and approach it with respect.

Arizona OMS Member: I have learned a lot in this course and am pleased to find that there are many others like me who believe in the healing power of the valuable tools given my mother nature. I have seen that though we all come from different backgrounds and practices, that here we all have a common goal and that is to return humanity and mother earth to its prosperous and natural balance.

California OMS Member: The information provided in this course has given me a deeper and more detailed understanding of the ubiquity and pervasiveness of the DMT experience throughout human history. I believe that as human consciousness merges with cosmic consciousness, deeper and deeper levels of mystery will be revealed through the action of this substance. I see it as like a trail of breadcrumbs dropped by God to help us find our way back to Her.

New Mexico OMS Member: I have learned a great deal about DMT – the spirit molecule. Not only did the course touch on the history of DMT in various sects but, also, a great deal about what to expect when taking part of a DMT ceremony. I discovered a few differences between the various sacraments offered by this church. I also learned how a ceremony is performed as well as the various roles. I want to take part in a DMT ceremony. The possibilities for healing and growth are just too great to pass on.

New York OMS Member: My only experience with DMT was in a couple of ayahuasca ceremonies, so this course expanded my knowledge quite a bit. It’s always seemed a slightly mysterious substance, even though I have books on the subject (including Rick Strassman’s), and have attended MAPS conferences; so I appreciate that your course made the material easily accessible to me. Learning that there is a DMT containing Acacia that does not require an MAOI to be orally bioavailable was a surprise, and of great interest. The information you have about medicines and health conditions that are contraindicated in DMT use and why is invaluable – I already knew much of it, but it’s extremely important and you’ve made it very clear for the lay-person. The science seems comprehensive – it certainly provided me with a much greater foundation.

I found the videos compelling food for thought. Later, I did read about some controversy about him (that he didn’t always walk his talk) and while I have explored that issue further I have yet to sort that struggle out for myself. Lastly, I wanted to say how much I appreciate the Codes of Ethics, Conduct, and Policies – these guidelines were invaluable and provided a safe container in which to participate in your Church.

New York OMS Member: I’ve learned a lot about DMT and Ayahuasca and things of this nature.  It seems it’s a very strong way to connect to the spirit world and yourself at the same time. Also, it’s great for meditation self-guided, or otherwise and a great tool to use to reclaim your own self-power and spirituality.

California OMS Member: When I was 5 or 6, I remember sitting in Sunday school classes and hearing the stories about God and Jesus. The stories just never made sense to me. Even at that young age, I knew I would find God in nature. So I am not surprised that nature has provided us with plants that can open the door to spiritual experiences

Washington OMS Member: I’ve learned quite a lot about about the plant medicines and I’m very happy to have discovered OMS. I don’t have any disagreements with any of the information provided. Thank you!

New Hampshire OMS Member: I was not aware of so many species of DMT containing plants. Even as a reader of Erowid, I am very pleased to be presented with new botanical information. This course was very stimulating and I look forward to reviewing the information in the future. I feel this course is a terrific idea that gives members background information for providing a holistic context of entheogens before diving in.

Ohio OMS Member: I enjoyed taking this course and learning all about the magical acacia. I believe acacia trees and all other DMT containing plants are essential plants to encountering the divine. Great lesson.

Florida OMS Member: The course was AWESOME!!! Kinda bummed its over, I’ve been on this journey alone for a while and then to find OMS and learn there are others is a beautiful thing!  I love the balance of mind, body, & soul OMS teaches with. I never knew how far back the spiritual practice of acacia went. I definitely plan to continue learning about these sacred gifts that were left here to help us ascend into our higher selves.

Ohio OMS Member: DMT is the gateway to our spiritual consciousness and the higher dimension. It is the original religious experience regardless of whether the source of DMT is internal and naturally produced in our body or if it is from an external source. Spiritual traditions around the world are based on DMT in one form or another, wittingly or unwittingly. I am very well versed with the spiritual used of Sacred Plants in the Americas and have spent much time in shamanic apprenticeships and learning about their uses. I found it fascinating learning that the Mediterranean region had spiritual uses of DMT that were most likely the origin of many major religions. I found it very interesting that the Egyptians considered the Acacia tree to contain the spirit of Osiris. It is amazing to see Acacia hidden in plain sight as symbols for so many organizations and orders. This class gave me a greater understanding on just how wide spread the use of Sacred Plants was.

I find amusing that Sacred Plants were central to religions that now call them evil and a tool of the “devil”. It is equally hypocritical that the Sacred Plants are a central ritual for the elite societies that influence world politics and ban the use of Sacred Plants for use by the masses.
I love the inclusion of Terence McKenna’s accounts of his experiences. His accounts get you to open your mind without even partaking in the substances. His accounts begin to take away some of the mystery surrounding the experience and I’m sure that removes much of the fear surrounding the ceremony for individuals partaking for the first time.

Colorado OMS Member: I learned that the acacia tree has appeared in many Biblical scriptures, many of these refer to major spiritual events. These events most likely were induced by Acacia and MAOI containing plants which were available in the area at the time. Moses’ Ten Commandments seem to me like a heavy self-reflective psychedelic experience with many lessons. These beautiful substances have, also, taught me life lessons over and over again, humbling me, changing me for the better. I gained new perspectives and understanding in a world full of unknowns.

I decided to take my life into uncharted territory, exploring all opportunities physical and spiritual, opening my eyes as well as my mind, and forcing myself to see what was hidden.


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