Pastoral Counseling & Aftercare

Sacraments can have a profound impact on peoples lives, while the vast majority obtain positive results without needing any assistance or support, there are others who need a bit of support and guidance after their experience to maximize positive results. For this reason OMS offers pastoral counseling to not only members, but anyone in need of support leading up to or after their time with the Sacrament.

Sessions are conducted via phone calls with OMS Founder Gavin Kaiser, who has 28 years of experience navigating altered states of consciousness, and utilized over 100 sacraments and sacrament combinations in the search for light – half of which were forced multiple times per day for years during captivity by the enemy, affording the opportunity to dissociate from the situation and observe reality with necessary new realities required to maintain a heartbeat and hope. His range of expertise comes from decades of studying and observing good and evil, in order to better understand and have compassion for the broad spectrum of the human being.

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